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Stardust Necklace - Grossular Garnet

Stardust Necklace - Grossular Garnet

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Did you know Garnets come in almost every colour, not only red? Grossular garnet has a unique colour that varies from green to brown and yellowish.

The stone will be chosen intuitively, usually mixing colours for a necklace.
This necklace is perfect for January's baby but not a fan of red, or someone who likes out of the ordinary!

Grossular Garnet
• Success
• Strength
• Intuition
• Chakra : Root and Heart

• Material: 14k Gold Filled or 925 Sterling Silver
• Stone: Grossular Garnet
• Length: 14"(35cm), 16"(40cm) or 18"(45cm)

• This jewellery is waterproof and hypoallergenic.
• Handcrafted with genuine gemstone + reiki infused.
• Beautiful handmade imperfections can occur, they make your piece unique and one of a kind.
• This jewellery is made to order. Please allow 3 business days before the necklace is shipped to you. 
The model is wearing 16" necklace.

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