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Reiki Energy healing - Online

Reiki Energy healing - Online

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You can receive Reiki anywhere in the world! 

Do you feel out of balance, tired, lost, lack of energy or having a hard time in your life? Or do you want to increase happiness, gratefulness or the power of attractions?


Reiki is one of the holistic energy healing techniques and can be done hands-on or off which means practitioners can send energy over a long distance. Distance Reiki sessions are as beneficial as in-person ones.

Reiki has amazing benefits of stress relief, better sleep, easing negativity, increasing feelings of happiness and empowerment...and much more!

What to expect in the session?

After the booking you made, I will send you a link of Zoom meeting.
Find a place to lay or sit comfortably somewhere safe to receive the Reiki energy (not during driving!).
Once we connect via zoom, I will ask your intention for the session or any questions.
Starting with guided meditation and I will go through sending Reiki energy. Connecting to your spirit guides, cleansing/aligning mental, emotional or physical blockage or imbalance.
After the sessions, we will have a little chat to talk and my receiving throughout the session.


The session includes:

Reiki Energy Healing
Guided meditation 
Balancing Chakras
Oracle card pulls
ntuitive message
・Customised s
elf-healing tips


This is not a "woo-woo" experience. It is more about grounding, self-discovery, and the process of knowing your true self. 


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