Tula Within Jewellery is handcrafted and Reiki infused by Coco in the sunshine state of QLD, Australia.

The brand was born when Coco had an inspiration for making healing jewellery after her Reiki Ⅱ attunement at the beginning of 2021.

She wanted to create jewellery not only beautiful pieces but also that people can wear for protection and healing purpose. This is where it all begins -Tula Within Reiki Infused Jewellery.

All of our gemstones for jewellery are hand-picked by Coco. She is the one who does wire-wrapping, soldering, packaging, and behind all things Tula Within.

She infused Reiki into all jewellery while creating and before hand over or ship to customers. Set the intention to make sure the jewellery will help you to guide for positive transformation.



Originally from Japan, she is the founder of Tula Within.

She is also a Yoga practitioner and Reiki master. These spiritual practices guided her to pursue her life purpose – helping people to live uplifting life.

Tula Within was born from her desire to offer a healing service that included Reiki infused jewellery, Reiki energy healing, and delivering Yoga under one brand.

Reiki infused Jewellery is one of the ways to help people. Her Reiki sessions and courses are held privately to connect deeply with each client. With a focus on physical, emotional and spiritual support to balance life.

Distance Reiki is available online, you can receive Reiki anywhere in the world!



TULA: “balance” in Sanskrit.

This is Coco’s life/business mantra. Like yin & yang, sun & moon, everything needs to be balanced and it is the key to living our best life.

Sometimes our body, mind, and life lose their balance and go all over the place. But the balance comes all within you and you need to trust yourself.

Tula Within is the brand to guide people on a journey of self-discovery, healing body and mind, speaking their truth and doing what they deeply love, so they can connect to their true selves.

Find the balance within you.
Connect to your soul.
Live your life more meaningful and delightful.