Black Tourmaline Necklace – Sterling Silver


Black Tourmaline is an excellent stone for grounding and protection.
It has strong earthy energy, the stone that brings you a sense of balance and connection to Mother Earth. When your mind wanders, Black Tourmaline eliminates anxiety and stress and reduces the tension in your body.
The stone that supports you to healthy, fulfilling, joyful living on earth.

• Protection
• Grounding
• Balance
• Strength
• Courage
• Chakra : Root

• Material: 925 Sterling Silver
• Stone: Black Tourmaline
• Size: 18″ (45cm) chain + approx 2cm pendant

• This jewellery is waterproof and hypoallergenic.
• Handcrafted with raw gemstone + reiki infused.
• You will receive the exact piece from the picture.
• Please handle them gently, do not stretch the wire.
• Beautiful handmade imperfections can occur, they make your piece unique and one of a kind.

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