Hi there! I’m Coco, originally from Japan and I’m the person behind all things Tula Within.
At the beginning of 2021, after the reiki Ⅱ attunement, I got inspired to make jewellery with gemstones and infuse healing energy into them. That’s where Tula Within began.
When I started making Jewellery, I wanted to have a connection with everything I do – the healing.
I have a clear intention: Guide people to uplifting and have an abundant life. Healing Jewellery is one of the ways to help you.
Apart from jewellery making, I do:
• Reiki energy healing
• Remedial massage treatment
• 1:1 yoga teaching 
with a focus on physical, emotional and spiritual support to balance life.
Sessions are available online or in-person at my home clinic at Coorparoo if you live in Brisbane area.
Check this page REIKI&YOGA for more info
Thank you so much to every single person who supports my passion. – Tula Within.
Coco xx
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Tula Within jewellery is handcrafted with love and healing energy into them.
• Every piece of jewellery has a healing and protection purpose.
• The natural gemstones are intuitively chosen by me.
• Use high-quality metal, all jewellery is tarnish-resistant.
Handmade jewellery for you & your loved ones.
Healing | Protection | Timeless | One of a kind

What does TULA mean?

TULA: “balance” in Sanskrit
I named my business ’TULA’ from a Sanskrit word that means balance.
This is my life/business mantra. Everything needs to be balanced and it is the key to live our best life.
Sometimes you may feel imbalance, but you can find your balance within you, not getting from external values.
With all things I do, healing jewellery/ energy healing/ bodywork, I believe I can help to find the balance within you.